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Room Control Systems

In many offices and presentation environments there are numerous items to control, such as a plasma screens, projectors, video, DVD players and PCs. Imagine if each of these products has a remote control and the running of a multimedia presentation can seriously complicated. On top of that, if you then add in video conferencing, lighting, air conditioning etc then operation of the room can become a complete nightmare.

Ruben James as the answer to this via our remote control room control systems. We offer consultation, design and installation services which include the remote control of PCs, Air Conditioning, Display Screens, Plasma Screens, PCs, DVD Players, Projectors and more. For example you could have a button that when pushed; switched on the DVD, automatically dimmed the lights, turned on the audio system and closed the curtains. At entry level we provide a simple push button solution that enables all the major equipment to be controlled from a single screen.